Thailand's only International Exhibition and Conference on Water and Wastewater Technology
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THAI WATER EXPO is a biennial event that features the latest cutting-edge water & wastewater technology and solutions from major brands including major international pavilions. The show will be held on 14-16 September 2022 at QSNCC, Bangkok, Thailand. Thai Water Expo is the only show in Thailand that is exclusively focused on water & wastewater technology. If you are a manufacturer of water related technologies or equipment, then this is the must exhibit event of the year….

The Only Specialized Event in Thailand on Water Management

Ideally, the top platform to launch new products

Important Academic International Conferences & Seminars

The place to update on the latest water trends and techniques from industry leaders and specialists

Showcases Water Technologies

from leading oversea and local brands

Over 13,000 Trade Visitors

Excellent business opportunities to network with quality buyers

Create a Buzz, Showcase Your Brand,

and make a lasting impression. A platform to showcase your brand and products to professionals in the water industry

Outstanding OPPORTUNITY is Smart Water Management is the EEC

The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is the government's flagship investment area, spanning Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao provinces. The government has allocated and approved a long-term water management plan covering 53 water development projects worth a combined 52.8 billion Baht. The government and related agencies are promoting factories in the EEC to implement technology that improves the efficiency of water usage and encourages various industrial estates to improve their wastewater treatment systems.

Smart water management together with 3R + IOT is another approach that can provide businesses, especially factories in the EEC, a more efficient and resilient water supply system, improving sustainability and reducing costs. The market will be driven by the growing demand for sustainable water solutions, compelling need to replace the existing water infrastructures and increasing need for reducing water loss. Additionally, progressive government initiatives to implement smart water management and growing developments in the EEC are expected to offer outstanding business opportunities to the stakeholders in this market.

'3R + 10T'
the Drivers for Sustainable Water Management

The increasing demand for water is a result of the growing population, urbanization, climate change, and economic development and adds pressure to ensuring sustainable water supplies. The demand for water usage will rise, but the amount of available water will not. As a result, it has never been more important for businesses to recycle the water they use.

This issue is particularly relevant for businesses, as such, business has a major stake and an essential role to play in addressing water challenges. The lowering water reserves can create difficulties in securing water of appropriate quali-ty, in sufficient quantity and may affect the efficiency of production which would result in competition for water among sectors, such as communities, industries, agriculture and tourism. By pursuing the '3R + 10T' approach to Reuse water, Reduce water losses and Recycle resources & waste-water together with IOT for systems that monitor the quality of water in real time, we will be able to manage water resources more effectively.


  • 20% increases the demand for water in Thailand.
  • 10% per year market growth rate for wastewater treatment in Post COVID-19

Most Southeast Asia countries recognize the urgency of the climate change challenges and the need to improve their water infrastructure and water management. The market is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% between 2017 and 2022. Thailand is one of the fastest growing market for Industrial the water solutions market comprising water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries and associated services. At present, a combination of industrial growth, population growth and rising incomes.

The growth will be enhanced by government initiatives on the 20-year Master Plan for water-management and water-disaster prevention with an average of Bt100 billion a year from 2018-2037. In 2020, the government has already approved a long-term water management plan covering 53 water development projects worth a combined Bt52.8 billion for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The wastewater treatment market is expected to continue growing for the next few years due to improved economic performances from the real estate, industrial and agriculture sectors.


All co-located shows will provide significant benefits in term of expanding trade visitor profiles which help to attract buyers and decision makers from a greater variety of industries.

ASEAN's Most Comprehensive International Exhibition and Conference on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Environmental and Electric Vehicle Technology

The Region's Leading Exhibition Specializing in Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Pumps and Valves Technology

Industrial's Voice

It is necessary to introduce innovations and technologies from countries where their tested solutions in similar terrain and with similar challenges can assist in managing water effectively in our country. Thai Water Expo 2022 will be a top platform to strengthen relationships, build networks in water management and to learn more about relevant technologies and water management innovation. It will open up perspectives on the benefits of new water technologies and provide access to the latest innovations from leading water companies from around the world.

Mr. Bhadol Thavornkitcharat
Director - General The Department of Water Resources (DWR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

We showcase the equipment and technology of wastewater treatment systems that have benefits over from conventional equipment in Thailand. Our equipment focuses on energy saving, small footprint and long lifespan. (Ex MBBR Media, Screw-press machine and Turbo blower) The new type of membrane, the success key for reclaim water system. Thai Water Expo is the perfect exhibition for us to create awareness in the market and reach our desired customers group.

Mr. Sippavich Taechatumnukul
Sale Manager
Hydro SystemSupply Ltd., Part.

A drought in Eastern Thailand challenges the government's potential success of the EEC. By using 3R + loT, research found that the use of raw water from natural water sources can be reduced by up to 30-40% and industrial plants can reduce water consumption by 15%. However, to successfully achieve appropriate water management needs cooperation from many sectors, understanding the problems that arise and making provision for suitable solutions including integrating various management tools such as engineering, technology, law, economics, and society support.

Mr. Chuchat Saitin
Committee of Water and Environment Institute for Sustainability The Federation of Thai Industries and Managing Director of Amata Water Co., Ltd.

The Major factor making new product innovation of Desalion and Sansolver machine to participate in Thai Water 2022 an effective tool of the marketing communication is that our Sales marketing can presentation and demonstration, asking for information of the product will generate the highest effectiveness to both our company and Potential's customer
• Desalion Sea water Desalination System for Isolated island, Hospital and School, Industrial Park, Ships and Damage from salt breeze pollution area
• Sansolver Gas Dissolving Equipment for Aquaculture, Hydroponic cultivation, Agriculture, River and lake purification

Mr. Montchai Pichitpasutadol
General Manager Dhanasirm Co., Ltd.

Approaching to enhanced health and safety standards at THAI WATER EXPO following COVID-19

We recognize the importance of the epidemic control measures that come with Covid-19. This will ensure the health and safety of all attendees; screening measures and procedures have been prepared. These new guidelines and best practices aim to not only give you peace of mind but also help ensure a hygienic, productive, and organized event experience.


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