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, are closely related and share many of the same target buyers. This is a perfect combination which helps to expand trade visitor profiles and attract buyers from a variety of industries.

Oregon, U.S.A: Future Smart Cities

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Ms. Sunun Setboonsarng – Global Trade Specialist         
Organised by: Oregon Business Development Department, State of Oregon, USA
Synopsis: Oregon, USA is a recognized global leader in sustainable development. We are well positioned to give a presentation on “Future Smart Cities” which encompasses elements such as green buildings, smart grid, micro grid, renewable energy (PV and wind), waste to energy, electric vehicles including fast changing stations and energy storage.

The presentation will begin with a video “We Build Green Cities”. It will cover multiple aspects of a smart and sustainable future city. We will present a big picture of a future smart city and then discuss specifically about different elements with specific examples pertinent to a smart city.
Language: Thai / English

Innovative EV ChargingStation

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Mr. Hans van der Meer - President
Organised by: EV4 Oregon, USA
Synopsis: EV4 developed its solar powered EV charging station, trademarked as ETMTM (Energy Transfer Merchant) – a play on ATM. The fully integrated ETMTM station is equipped with a battery storage system and is capable of AC (Level 2) and DC (Level 3) fast charging of vehicles with renewable energy, optionally accounting for the sources of clean energy used. The ETMTM battery system (standard size 50k Wh) can provide power system back up, grid support, and load balancing services. Like an ATM storing and dispensing money the ETMTM captures, stores and dispenses energy. Several ETMTM stations are installed in Oregon, Washington, California and The Netherlands.
Language: English

Portland, Oregon – World leader in Clean Technology

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Mr. Kevin Johnson – Metals and Machinery Liaison
Organised by:

Portland Development Commission

Synopsis: Portland is a hotbed of clean technology development and deployment. We are blessed with innovative home grown talent as well as new talent moving to our city from throughout the world. Portlanders are concerned about the environment and are eagerly innovating existing technology and inventing new technologies that make good sense, save users money and mitigate negative climate impacts. Our businesses excel in the areas of renewable energy, environmental technology, and energy efficiency. Portland is an early adopter of a range of new technologies in numerous areas including biomass, wind, solar, clean air products, recycling, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and charging stations, Leed certified buildings, green building technology, etc. New markets open up for our businesses by us being an early adopter of new technologies. I plan to discuss how businesses can tap into and benefit from clean tech products and expertise that Portland businesses have to offer.
Language: English

Biogas Equipment Expert

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Mr. Paiboon Chalermchaivinijkul – Biogas Equipment Expert
Organised by:


Synopsis: Biogas Equipment Expert and Biological Desulfurization with AwiDesulf by Awite Product Never too much O2 in the system- with certainty. Easy operation and Maintenance.
Language: Thai

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