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, are closely related and share many of the same target buyers. This is a perfect combination which helps to expand trade visitor profiles and attract buyers from a variety of industries.

ESP Application in Biomass Plant

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Ms. Pitcha Sirirat - Regional Manager                 
Organised by: Tai & Chyun Associates Industries, Inc.
Synopsis: Electrostatic Precipitator (ESPs) is applied in variety of industries to help control emission produced from production process. This session will explain how important of ESP in biomass plant, together with how to maintain good condition and upgrade ESP to enhance its efficiency in keeping down the air pollution emission.
Language: Thai

Applications of SWR in Oil, Industrial and Maritime Industries

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Mr. Paul Rosenbaum - CEO
Organised by: SWR Corporation
Synopsis: SWR develops and manufactures chemicals for Industrial, Institutional, and Maritime cleaning applications. The Chemicals are environmentally safe and are tailored to enhance systems performance, provide increased worker safety, reduce maintance cost, and eliminate costly chemical handling and disposal problems associated with other toxic and hazardous chemical cleaning substances.
Language: English

Energy Storage คลังแห่งพลังงาน

Room A Exhibition Hall 102

Speaker: Mr. Prapon Thamsattaya               
Organised by:

Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. – Product Specialist and Green Business Manager

Synopsis: Delta’s Energy Storage System (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, renewable energy smoothing, Peak Shaving, Load Shifting, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to Microgrid and V2H / V2G
Language: Thai / English

Shell innovation for renewable energy power plants
14.15-15.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: -
Organised by: The Shell Company of Thailand
Synopsis: Poor lubricants and lubrication practices can mean equipment downtime. Whether you want to reduce power-engine maintenance time with extended-life oils, improve efficiency to increase power output or increase the equipment’s reliability, shell has been investing for new technology across the energy sector to speed up the development to serve your business needs
Language: Thai / English

MVR in concentration process
15.15-16.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Dieter Knoblich – CEO Piller SEA, Mr. Thamarat Naveeruangrat – MD HiCOP Energy
Organised by: HiCOP Energy Co.,Ltd.
Synopsis: MVR mean mechanical vapor recompression. It’s use for compress the exhaust steam from evaporation process. Then bring it back to act as motive steam for heating in evaporator again. This is the way of energy and water save. The presentation consist of history of Piller/MVR; process description; how does the MVR works, characteristics, advantages, application and new development.
Language: Thai / English

Advantage India : Unlocking of World’s Most Exciting Multi-Billion Dollar RE Market
16.10-17.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr.Rajneesh Khattar,Group Director
Organised by: UBM India
Synopsis: India is currently booming with investment opportunities making it the second most attractive market in the world for clean energy. The presentation aims to capture what’s happening in this super exciting Asian market and how it’s shaping the overall landscape of clean energy across the globe, enabling the world to leverage upon . From the record breaking tariffs to high level of installations in Solar and Wind, From the huge inflow of capital to new innovations at ground and From the intense policy-push to the demand pull , the presentation is intended to provide insights to India’s unique advantages.
Language: English

Cleaning oil by converting it to CO2 & water
10.30-11.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Steven Pedigo - Cleaning oil by converting it to CO2 & water
Organised by: Oil Spill Solution Co., LTD
Synopsis: Cleaning oil by converting it to CO2 & water . One step cleaning Process Oil spills in various water bodies, rivers, canals, ground and new technologies. The removal and treatment of water to return to nature
Language: English sub Thai

Blue Building: Decentralized And Integrated Management Of Water From “Source-To-Source, At Source”
11.30-12.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Marcus Lim – Co-Founder & Managing Director
Organised by: ECOSOFTT PTE LTD A Social Enterprise
Synopsis: The high upfront investments, technical challenges and gaps in implementing conventional centralized water systems necessitate the exploration of more viable, environment friendly and economically sustainable options. At the same time, the increasing scarcity of water requires an “end-to-end” or “source-to-source” management approach. A new Blue Building Standard is emerging as an alternative decentralized solution that can make homes, buildings and communities water sustainable through that uses economically and technically viable technologies. In such a framework, the end users become active partners and collaborators with service providers and utilities in the management of water from source to source, at source.
Language: English

Treating, Managing and Creating Water – Israeli Innovative Solutions by Israeli experts Compact, versatile water desalination solution
13.15-15.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Boaz Keinan – Head of process department
Organised by: RWL Water
Synopsis: Population growth, rising industrial demand, and water scarcity drive investment in alternative methods of obtaining potable water. Containerized desalination solutions for smaller treatment capacities and for immediate water needs with reduced footprint that addresses both the environmental and logistical challenges associated with large-scale desalination, overcoming environmental concerns, with reduced power and chemicals consumption.
Language: English

Hydro Micro-Energy Solution for water management
15.15-16.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Tal Fishbhin – Sales Director
Organised by: HydroSpin
Synopsis: HydroSpin provides a patented micro-energy solution for water monitoring systems, sensors and data loggers to make water monitoring power more available, green and affordable. Water quality data can be more accessible to urban municipalities, water providers etc. HydroSpin’s generator creates enough power to support remote devices 24/7 throughout the water network improving sustainability & reliability of water networs.
Language: English

MBBR Technology for Upgrade / Expansion / Retrofit of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plants
15.15-16.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 102
Speaker: Mr. Marc Krieger - Director of Business Development – Asia-Pacific
Organised by: Aqwise – Wise Water Technologies, Ltd.
Synopsis: Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) technology utilizes specialized biomass carriers (media) to provide large surfaces for biomass growth within the reactor. This enables increasing the capacity, and/or improving the performance, of existing plants within existing tanks-with no need for additional footprint/civil works. Applicable to bath municipal and industrial applications. Very suitable to upgrade existing plants to achieve Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR), with short times for project implementation. Aqwise is a global leader in MBBR technology, with over 400 installations in 50 countries, and now also in Thailand and SE Asia
Language: English

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