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International Conference

“Water Forum II: Sustainable Water for ASEAN”

8 June 2017 / Room MR224-225 / 08.30 - 16.00 / BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

Pre-register before 5 June 2017 

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  JGSEE Plenary (Water Forum)    JGSEE Session I (Water Forum)
1. Smart Water Management in Thailand by Dr. Royol Chitradon Water Forum Session I Presentation Disaster Management Water Resources by K.Chawalit
2. Management the Global Water Challenges by Mr. Puspa Water Forum Session I Presentation Innovative urban water management in MWA by K.Thamrong
3. Food-Energy-Water Nexus by Prof. Shabbir Water Forum Session I Presentation Smart Solution for industrial water management by Dr. Suphatat S
    Water Forum Session I Presentation Sustainable water management in Thailand by Mr. Thada Sukhapunnaphan_RID
  JGSEE Session II (Water Forum)    JGSEE Session III (Water Forum) 
1. Industrial wastwater treatment and reuse MR212 Session III Presentation Emergency water treatment by Asst. Prof. Dr. Thidarat Bunsri
2. Biogas Engineering and Management for Success by Dr. Saroch Boonyakitsombat MR212 Session III Presentation OSE II presentation for Emergency response oil spill clean up by Mr. Steven Pedigo
3. Domestic wastewater treatment in South East Asia by Dr. Ebie MR212 Session III Presentation Sustainable water Purification by Mr. Dick van Dijk
4. Aerobic Biofilter without sludge by Mr. Marcus Lim MR212 Session III Presentation Water resource protection by Dr. Pathan Banjonbroo
5. Automatic screen filration A new outlook on pre-treatment fine filtration by Mr. Nier)    

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