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Date : 5-8 June 2019
Venue : BITEC : Bangkok, Thailand
Show Opening Hours : 
10.00 - 18.00 hrs.


In Thailand, the number of people killed by months of flooding has risen to more than 600. The total flood damage to the country is estimated at 1.3 trillion baht.

Cambodia's National Committee for Disaster Management says 250 people were killed, more than 250,000 hectares of rice crops have been completely lost, with 3,000 kilometers of roads and other infrastructure destroyed. The cost to Cambodia was expected to be in excess of $400 million.

Vietnam flood crisis deepens, with deaths topping 100, more than 88,000 houses and 22,700 hectares of rice fields have been flooded and 1,472 kilometers of dikes damaged.

Philippines, the official death toll from massive flash flooding in two southern Philippine cities topped 1,000 and caused 23 million dollars of damage.

Devastating floods in Thailand and other parts of Asia are a wake-up call to governments to do more to cope with the effects of climate change, a top Asian Development Bank official has warned.

Asia is dotted with large coastal cities from Shanghai to Calcutta that are vulnerable to flooding, and governments need to put in place long-term solutions to deal with the problem, said ADB’s lead climate change specialist
Thai Government has allocated more than 53 billion baht in the 2012 fiscal year to promote integrated water management and water resources management. Out of the amount, 45.28 billion baht has been set aside for better and more systematic water management to enhance the efficiency of Thailand in preventing, mitigating, and tackling recurring floods and droughts.

This unique event is the only exhibition in the country that specializes in water in the Kingdom. It will present business opportunities for businesses – not only in Thailand – but for all countries in the ASEAN Region.

Running in conjunction with Entech-Pollutec and Renewable Energy Asia, Thai Water 2012 is a part of the huge Asia Water series of exhibitions that will cover the entire ASEAN region. And the show will undoubtedly benefit from bringing together of thousands of people who are concerned with environmental problems, not the least of which, of course, is water. This urgent need will help produce excellent networking opportunities to international business leaders and key government officials from the region.


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